A new advertising campaign released in France by burger giant McDonalds is gay inclusive.

The campaign titled Come As You Are (Venez Comme Vous Etes) includes a gay television ad.

The ad suggests that a teenager is about to come out gay to his father over a meal at McDonalds.

In the ad, the son sits in a booth while looking at his class photo when his cellphone rings.

“I was just thinking about you,” he says. “I was just looking at our class picture.”

“I miss you too,” he adds before hanging up.

The son is joined by his father, who comments on the class photo: “Too bad your class is all boys, you could get all the girls.”

The son smiles thoughtfully at his father, then, as the camera pulls away, the pair begin to converse.

A subtitled version of the ad posted on YouTube has been viewed more than 220,000 times. One commenter lamented that such an ad would never air in the United States “or the Christian right would boycott the restaurant forever.”