Elizabeth Taylor has weighed in on the rumor that Michael Jackson was gay, saying she understands why fans would be angry at the doctor she shared with Jackson, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Taylor took aim at Dr. Arnold Klein, the dermatologist who backs up claims that Jason Pfeiffer had a “passionate and sexual relationship” with the King of Pop.

In an interview with Extra last month, Pfeiffer, CEO of a medical company, said the pair met while he was working in Klein's office.

“I was Michael Jackson's boyfriend,” Pfeiffer told the celebrity gossip show. “We definitely hit it off the first time we met.” Klein backed up the claim, saying he once walked in on the men with Jackson shirtless.

Family members and friends have denied that Jackson was gay. Some Jackson fans have reacted angrily to the news, including threatening to kill Pfeiffer and Klein.

While Klein has rejected criticism that he betrayed the trust of his former patient by going public, Taylor disagreed.

“Dr. Arnie Klein declared on May 2 that he did not betray Michael Jackson by saying publicly that he had a homosexual relationship with someone in 'Arnie's' office,” Taylor said in a Twitter post. “It seems he supplies not only women (Debbie Rowe), but men too … how convenient.”

“Just what we want in our doctors. And then to say he did not betray Michael's confidence. No wonder he has death threats. … I thought doctors, like priests took an oath of confidentiality.”

“May God have mercy on his soul,” she added.

Debbie Rowe is Jackson's ex-wife and the mother of his two eldest children, Paris and Prince Michael. She also once worked for Klein.