The Argentine Senate received Thursday a gay marriage bill approved last week by the Chamber of Deputies (la Camara de Diputados), government news agency Telam reported.

The bill was assigned to the General Law Committee chaired by Liliana Negre de Alonso.

Negre de Alonso said she disagreed with giving gay couples the right to marry but added that she would not block debate on the issue.

“I will guarantee that we'll add this matter to the agenda because I have always guaranteed the debate,” she said.

Interior Minister Florencio Randazzo predicted the Senate would approve the bill.

A debate on the bill is not expected to materialize until June. And passage remains uncertain. However, the Front for Victory political block, whose members mostly back the measure, control a larger percentage of seats in the Senate than in the lower chamber. Still, they cannot approve the measure without help from other parties.

The gay marriage bill advanced in the Chamber of Deputies along a 125-to-109 vote after lawmakers debated between moving on a bill that would give gay and lesbian couples the right to marry – including the right to adopt – and a civil unions bill that did not include gay adoption.

Argentine President Christina Fernandez de Kirchner has said she would not block the measure from becoming law, if approved by senators.

Gay marriage has dominated national headlines since December when two men married for the first time in Latin America. Just days before deputies debated the measure, two men in Buenos Aires became the fifth gay couple to marry in Argentina.

The Roman Catholic Church is strongly opposed to the legislation.