A Florida man has been arrested for the murder of his daughter's lesbian lover.

Jerry Lee Seger was arrested Saturday in connection to the murder of 24-year-old Courtney Bright. Police say he strangled Bright and left her body in a foreclosed house. Bright's body was discovered Thursday by an unsuspecting couple as they house hunted.

Bright and Ashley Dunn, Seger's daughter, had dated for three years.

Officials say Seger blamed Bright for Dunn's recent arrest on a charge of stolen property.

One friend, however, told local Fox affiliate WTVT that Seger was motivated by homophobia.

“That's not why he killed her,” Bobbi Johnson said. “He killed her because they were lesbians.”

“She was a sweetheart,” Johnson added. “She would do anything in the world for you.”

Bright was killed on April 20 or 21, an autopsy concluded.

Seger, 40, has been charged with first degree murder. A Polk County judge denied his bond on Sunday.