Maggie Gallagher has stepped down as president of the nation's largest and most influential anti-gay marriage group, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM).

Gallagher made the announcement on the group's website Friday, “I have some very good news to announce for you today: NOM has a new president.”

“Today, the board of NOM announced that we are promoting Brian Brown, who you all know as NOM's capable and charismatic executive director, to the position of president of NOM.”

Having made hundreds of media appearances since NOM's founding in 2007, Gallagher has become the public face of opposition to gay marriage. She also serves as the president of the socially conservative Institute for Marriage and Public Policy, a group dedicated to “strengthening marriage as a social institution,” and has authored five books.

Prior to her 1993 marriage to Raman Srivastav, Gallagher was an unwed mother.

NOM routinely wields influence in states debating the legalization of gay marriage and supports candidates who oppose the institution. The group first came to national attention in 2008 when it backed Proposition 8, California's voter-approved gay marriage ban.

Gallagher will remain on the executive committee of NOM's board and work on cultural and strategic projects. In her forthcoming book Debating Same-Sex Marriage, she'll argue her opposition to gay marriage against Wayne State University Professor John Corvino, a nationally recognized speaker on the issue.

Brown headed the Family Institute of Connecticut before joining NOM.