Lee Lynch, whose monthly column The Amazon Trail appears in On Top Magazine, will be honored next month with the James Duggins Mid-Career Author Award at the 8th Annual Saints and Sinners Literary Festival in New Orleans.

The award recognizes LGBT mid-career novelists of extraordinary talent and service to the LGBT community.

Lynch started her writing career in the 1960's at The Ladder, the only lesbian publication at the time, and has gone on to write over 14 books. Her most recent, Sweet Creek, a bittersweet love story that became a 2007 Golden Crown Literary Society Award finalist, and Beggar of Love were published by Bold Strokes Books.

But it is her monthly column The Amazon Trail, which she has faithfully penned since 1986 and turned into a book of the same name, that has graced our pageviews.

The January 14, 2009 debut of the column marked Lynch's first foray online. She called it a “natural transition” for her column.

Lynch's column is a sweet and poignant look at the author's life. She'll dabble in politics, but mostly she keeps to the mundane.

Such as a recent column that took a look at possible haircuts for dykes: “This hair stylist, who showed up at a potluck that drew dykes from miles along the coastline, was femme, but she understood butch. She dressed however her mood inspired her, from plain and simple to punk to retro to killer-femme. She was funny and out even when she worked in shared spaces. When she opened her own salon the interior design was just like her: eccentric, eclectic, a little goofy and all woman. The neon peace sign in the window was particularly pleasing.”

And she often talks about life with her sweetheart.