The National Organization for Marriage began airing a 30-second advertisement attacking New Hampshire Governor John Lynch for signing a gay marriage bill into law last June.

The campaign “Lynch Lied” includes a $200,000 cable and network television ad buy and a website on the same theme.

“New Hampshire residents were shocked last year when they learned that Governor John Lynch had been lying to them about his position on gay marriage,” Brian Brown, executive director of NOM, said in a statement. “Even though he promised voters when he ran for office that he did not support gay marriage, Lynch signed same-sex marriage legislation into law.”

“Wonder why John Lynch's approval ratings are way down?” a male announcer asks in the ad.

“Lynch lied to us.”

Lynch, a Democrat, signed the gay marriage bill into law only after lawmakers agreed to his demand to strengthen its religious protections. The law went into effect on January 1, 2010.

Despite holding out for the concession, NOM, the nation's most vociferous opponent of gay marriage, said it would work to oust the 57-year-old incumbent should he run for a fourth term.

“We also intend to make the gay marriage issue the key issue of the 2010 state elections in New Hampshire,” Brown said last June. “Legislators must be held accountable for their votes. And if Governor Lynch decides to seek another term, you can be certain that he will have to answer to voters over why he broke his word on this issue, despite repeated promises over the years that he did not support gay marriage.”

The NOM ad also says Lynch has lied about not increasing taxes, cutting spending and balancing New Hampshire's budget.

The group is also spending $300,000 in California on ads attacking Senate candidate Tom Campbell, a moderate Republican who supports gay marriage.