Hunky Cheyenne Jackson has joined the cast of ABC's new gay comedy It Takes A Village.

ABC agreed in February to pick up the pilot for the single-camera comedy written by Casey Johnson and David Windsor (Greek) from ABC Studios.

Village is about the lives of a former couple struggling to raise their teenage son after divorcing. Both parents have moved on to new relationships, the father into an openly gay coupling.

Jackson has signed on to play the role of boyfriend to gay dad Christopher Sieber (It's All Relative), gay entertainment website reported.

Jackson is the openly gay actor-singer last seen on Broadway playing the lead role of Sonny in the Tony-nominated musical Xanadu. He can also be seen in United 93, the feature film that details the involvement of United flight 93 in the 9/11 terrorist plot. He plays Mark Bingham, the gay man who is believed to have been among the passengers that stormed the cockpit of the plane.

In a look under the hood of the show's pilot episode, sounded uninspired with the show's writing and called the characters “stock.” Howard, played by Sieber, is “a rather stereotypical gay man” and Jackson's character of Scott is “a bit of a cliché,” the website said.

Leah Remini (The King of Queens) also stars in Village as the former wife.

The show comes on the heels of the success of Modern Family, ABC's Wednesday night comedy that includes a gay couple who are raising their adopted daughter.