Director Peter Bratt's La Mission opens Friday in New York and Los Angeles.

La Mission premiered to rave reviews at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah and opened last year's Outfest, Los Angeles' gay and lesbian film festival. (The Hollywood Reporter ran with the clever headline: It takes two Bratts to kick-start Outfest.)

In the middle of the Hispanic San Francisco district of La Mission, Che Rivera (played by Benjamin Bratt, Law and Order) is the baddest Chicano on the block. A hard knocks life lived behind prison bars and Tequila shots, Che struggles on for his beloved son, Jesse.

Che's macho world is crushed when he discovers that Jesse is gay. He responds to the revelation by violently severing all ties with his son.

La Mission is the story of how a proud father and a lost son mend their relationship, breaking with the violence of the past.

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