Texas Representative Norma Chavez is calling on her challenger Naomi Gonzalez to publicly admit she's gay.

The two women will face off in an April 13 primary runoff triggered after Democratic voters refused both candidates a clear majority last month.

Chavez, who won the primary with a slight lead, was first elected to the Texas House in 1996. Her western district includes most of central El Paso.

Things became heated during a recent candidates forum when, according to the El Paso Times, motorcycle enthusiasts in the audience took offense to an off-handed remark by Gonzalez.

Chavez, who considers herself a member of the biker community, quickly responded: “I have not attacked her for being a lesbian gay woman.”

In another incident, Chavez answered a question concerning gay rights by saying that as a member of the gay community Gonzalez is most probably in favor of gay marriage. Chavez said she supports gay rights, but not the right to marry. Texans agreed in 2005 to define marriage as a heterosexual union in the state constitution.

El Paso County Democratic Party Chairman Danny Anchondo criticized Chavez.

“If somebody is lesbian or gay, our arms are open to all these individuals,” Anchondo told the paper. “All these people are part of the party, so I don't understand why somebody would be using those terms to attack somebody.”

Chavez, however, has defended her remarks, saying the point is relevant to how representatives would vote on gay marriage.

“She needs to accept her gay community,” Chavez insisted.

Gonzalez, an assistant El Paso County attorney, refused to answer the question, only saying: “This campaign is not about me. This is about Norma Chavez, and this is another desperate attempt on her part to distract from her own record.”