During an emotional press conference Tuesday, Mexican singer Paquita la del Barrio asked for the gay community's forgiveness, but stopped short of retracting her remarks against gay adoption, Univision reported.

The singer created a whirlwind of controversy last week when she said she'd rather see a child die on the streets than be adopted by a gay or lesbian couple.

Breaking into a reporter's hypothetical question about whether it would be better if a child is adopted by a gay couple or die on the streets alone she burst out with: “It's better that the child die.”

“Yes, because if I had a son, I would never be at peace if he was with them,” she added.

Paquita took on the topic of gay adoption as Mexico City's landmark gay marriage law – which removed a previous prohibition on gay adoption – went into effect.

At Tuesday afternoon's event held at Spartacus, a popular gay disco in the sprawling Mexico City suburb of Ciudad Nezahaulcoyotl, Paquita repeatedly said she holds no animus towards the gay community and asked for its forgiveness, but remained mum on her gay adoption remarks.

During an appearance on Univision's El Gordo y La Flaca, she appeared to contradict herself.

“What I said … blew up in my face, but it did not come from my heart. I never thought about what I said, sincerely I ask a thousand apologies from this family,” the 62-year-old crooner said. “Sure, let them adopt.”

Within moments, she reversed course, adding: “I do not agree, whom do they call mom and dad? It is a trauma for the child.”

Paquita also said the episode had driven her to consider suicide: “At some point I thought about killing myself, I tell you [Raul] but I have a strong force, I thought about my children and they are not to blame.”