An openly gay man is considered the favorite to win an April 13 mayoral runoff in Gainesville, Florida, the Gainesville Sun reported.

Craig Lowe, a city commissioner, captured just over 40% of the vote in a field of 5 candidates in last Tuesday's mayoral election. A 50% majority is required to avert a runoff.

Lowe's nearest rival, Don Marsh, received just over 29% of the vote.

Lowe remains the favorite despite his campaign being the subject of an anti-gay attack. In two separate fliers Lowe was attacked for supporting a city ordinance that bans discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity (transgender protections) in the areas of employment, housing and public accommodations.

After city leaders in 2008 approved adding gender identity to an anti-discrimination measure that already included sexual orientation, opponents campaigned to place an initiative to repeal the law on the ballot. Voters in the college town, however, disagreed and the law remained in place.

One flier alleges that Lowe is “'responsible' for legally allowing men into women's restrooms!”

“If you believe that the women's restroom is no place for a man then … Say no to Lowe for mayor of Gainesville,” the flier says.

Lowe has said voters mostly ignored the claims.