Former New York Senator Hiram Monserrate lost a special election in Queens Tuesday to regain his old seat.

Monserrate was expelled from the chamber after he was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend, Karla Giraldo.

Gay rights activists, who say Monserrate reneged on a promise to vote in favor of a gay marriage bill, campaigned to derail his Senate bid and backed the campaign of Democrat Jose R. Peralta, an assemblyman from Queens.

Soon after the December defeat of the gay marriage bill in the New York Senate, gay activists formed the political action committee Fight Back New York, which calls for the ouster of anti-gay senators, and recruited openly lesbian Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon as pitchwoman.

“You should be proud of this win,” the group said in a statement. “Your targeted anger and your ceaseless demand for equality paid off. This is our first clear message to the remaining anti-equality Senators that there are consequences to voting against equality.”

“Each and every one of the remaining 37 New York State Senators who voted 'no' to marriage equality – Democrats and Republicans – will be fair game,” the group added.

Most voters, however, appeared more concerned with Monserrate's character than his voting record on gay rights. Monserrate “is not a good example for our children,” Pedro Duran, 59, told the New York Times.

In the end, Peralta, who supports the right of gay and lesbian couples to marry, trounced his rival. With 94 percent of the vote counted, Peralta was leading with 66% of the vote to 27%.