Gay cabler Logo is preparing for an invasion of gay power couples.

The MTV-owned network has set a production date for its upcoming all-gay spinoff of Bravo's The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

The Gay Socialites of New York will begin filming in May and is expected to feature hunky men who have landed a rich husband, according to a recent posting on Gawker.

“I am already gay-shamed of whoever is going to be on this show,” Brian Moylan posted on the website. “I also want them to marry me, because who doesn't want a fun, popular, successful gay man with a beach house to snuggle up to on cold, cold nights?”

A casting call for the show says producers are looking for gay power couples who “have joined fabulous forces to create the ultimate partnership” and who are “living the 'good life' in the most fabulous city in the world – NYC.”

Logo has yet to announce air dates, so fans of the gay elite will need to sit tight.

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