Cynthia Nixon has joined the fight to oust senators who voted against a gay marriage bill in New York.

The openly lesbian Nixon stars in a new video for Fight Back NY, the political action committee that is targeting anti-gay senators.

“I'm supporting Fight Back New York so we can finally show these anti-equality senators that there are consequences to their actions,” Nixon says in the video.

“I'm engaged to the woman I love, but on December 2, the New York Senate voted against my right to marry her. They still think it's OK to treat me and … other New Yorkers like second-class citizens,” she added.

The Sex and the City star campaigned heavily for passage of the law last year, appearing often at rallies and demonstrations with her fiancee, Christine Marinoni.

First on the list for Fight Back NY is ex-state Senator Hiram Monserrate, who was booted from the New York Senate last month after being convicted of assaulting his girlfriend. Gay activists say Monserrate, a Democrat, reneged on a promise to vote in favor of the gay marriage bill. Monserrate is campaigning to win back his job in Tuesday's special election.