Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney on Sunday suggested he would include social issues in his 2012 presidential campaign platform, if he decides to run.

Romney made his remarks during an appearance on Fox News Sunday, where he was promoting his new book No Apology: The Case for American Greatness.

When host Chris Wallace asked why there are only two paragraphs in the book devoted to social issues, Romney answered: “Other issues, social issues, I don't go into much – in much depth, in part because there are not a lot of new arguments that I know of to raise in that regard.”

“Are you done being a culture warrior if you decide to go ahead and run in 2012?” Wallace asks.

“Well, first, I'll take exception,” Romney answers. “I did change my view on abortion. I did not change my view on same-sex marriage.”

“But that being said, there's no question in my view but that the social issues that this country considers and that are very much in debate today are very important to the nature of America and who we are.”

“And I continue to believe very deeply, as I have in the last campaign described, that marriage must be defended. I think it's under attack. I speak at great length in the book about the importance of marriage prior to children.”

“And I believe that being pro-life is a very important feature of the American culture, and that's something I will continue to defend,” he added.