A Democratic Representative has removed himself as co-sponsor of a measure that would likely exclude films with gay characters from a state supported incentive package aimed at the film industry being considered by Florida lawmakers, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Representative Ari Porth removed his name from the House version of the bill on Monday after the Post reported on the bill.

“I believe in the film industry tax incentives, but was uncomfortable with provisions limiting the field of qualified recipients,” Porth told the paper. “I hope to be able to support the measure in the future.”

The $75 million package of tax credits and incentives discourages the production of movies that include depictions of gay families. The bill's so-called family-friendly tax credit would only be available to films that do not exhibit or imply “nontraditional family values.”

The measure's House version had attracted 25 co-sponsors, including 7 Democrats, Porth among them.