Openly gay Episcopal Bishop V. Gene Robinson will be among the speakers to address a gay fundraiser in Austin, Texas.

The 15th annual Austin Gala Dinner will benefit the Human Rights Campaign, the nation's largest gay rights advocate, and take place March 20.

Robinson is the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church. His 2003 election created a firestorm of protest within the greater Anglican Communion – of which the Episcopal Church is the American branch – and led to a self-imposed moratorium on the election of gay bishops.

But last July the church reversed course, voting in favor of lifting the ban at its general convention.

Robinson is likely to be speaking soon after the church confirms its second openly gay bishop, the Rev. Canon Mary D. Glasspool of the Diocese of Los Angeles.

Glasspool was elected to become suffragan (assistant) bishop of the Diocese in December. Church rules require that a majority of the church's representatives, which include bishops, clergy and lay persons, consent to her ascension. As of March 4, Glasspool's confirmation lacks only 1 more vote, the Diocese reported.

Glasspool's confirmation is certain to once again test the bond between the Anglican Communion and its more liberal American branch. Dr. Rowan Williams, the church's spiritual leader, is calling on the church to adopt a two-track affiliation that would give some churches full membership, while others, presumably more liberal ones, would remain on the outside. A schism in all but name.

The Episcopal Church is in the process of developing an official blessing for gay unions. It elected in July to give bishops in states where gay marriage is legal the discretion to offer a blessing.

Robinson, 62, lives in Weare, New Hampshire with his husband, Mark Andrew, and has two children from a previous marriage.