A film from South Korea about a pastry shop will open the 20th Melbourne Queer Film Festival next month.

An estimated 20,000 gay film enthusiasts are expected to attend the 12-day event, making Melbourne's GLBT film festival one of the largest in the world.

The festival's opening night will highlight a sweet treat from South Korea: a movie with a gay romance between two men at its center.

Director Min Kyu-dong's Antique is based on the Japanese manga comic Seiyo Kotto Yagashiten, written by Fumi Yoshinaga.

Rich playboy Jin-hyuk opens a pastry shop to find the love of his life. He hires gay pastry chef Sun-woo and two other attractive men to help build his business. While two of the men are straight and a third is questioning, the film brims with homoerotic undertones.

Sun-woo, however, is described as a “gay of demonic charm” in the film's subtitles. Soon, Sun-woo's Parisian lover shows up to lure him back to the City of Love.

Antique is among more than 100 features, shorts and documentaries to be screened at the festival, which begins March 17.

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