West Virginia House Republicans will attempt to wrench a measure out of committee that would limit marriage to a heterosexual union in the state's constitution, the Charleston Gazette reported.

House resolution HJR5 stalled out in committee, but Republicans are planning a series of procedural motions this week to bring the proposal to the House floor for a vote.

“We have tried to work through the process, and now the time is running out,” House Minority Leader Tim Armstead, a Kanawha Republican, told reporters Monday.

The resolution was introduced on January 13 by Democratic Delegate Harold Michael and would forbid recognition of gay couples with civil unions or domestic partnerships, in addition to marriage.

Democrats, who control the West Virginia House with an overwhelming majority, accused Republicans of “political grandstanding.”

“The Republicans only seem to want to score election year points by trying to force debates on votes on issues like gay marriage,” Democratic Chairman Nick Casey said in a press release titled GOP Plotting to Circumvent Legislative Process. “The people of [West Virginia] expect Republicans and Democratic legislators not to waste a week of legislative time and taxpayer money on politics.”