Gay activists say they'll rally for gay rights on Valentine's Day.

Demonstrators in Chicago will protest opposition by the Roman Catholic church to an Illinois law that added sexual orientation to the list of protected classes in the state's Human Rights Act, an anti-discrimination law that protects in the areas of housing and employment.

The Gay Liberation Network (GLN) has called for the protest to be staged outside Chicago's Holy Name Cathedral, reported.

“In opposition to the desires of millions of lay Catholics for simple justice for all, the hierarchy of the Catholic Church has long aligned itself with, and often led, the forces of hate and bigotry opposing equal rights for gay [men] and women,” said GLN co-founder Andy Thayer.

In Paris, gay activists have scheduled a kiss-in against homophobia to take pace outside the city's famed Notre Dame Cathedral.

“It's a way to challenge the church, their position on the issue of love and marriage between gays and lesbians,” Arthur Vauthier, co-founder of Kiss-In, the group behind the demonstration, told the French-based gay website

Vauthier, whose group has previously organized similar events, said he expects hundreds to pucker up on Sunday.

Back in the United States, a number of demonstrations Sunday will cap the end of Freedom to Marry week.

On Friday, gay activists in Dallas returned to government offices to demand a marriage license for a lesbian couple, the Dallas Voice reported. Kay Mathews and Wendy Churitch, who legally wed in Iowa last August, renewed their wedding vows outside the Dallas Records Building. Supporters surrounding the couple carried signs that read “End Marriage Segregation Now.”

Voters in Texas approved a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in 2005.