House lawmakers in West Virginia have introduced two bills that would limit marriage to a heterosexual union in the West Virginia Constitution.

Both bills appear to have stalled in committee, but several lawmakers have threatened to wrench them out of committee and onto the floor for a vote.

“We hope that it's not necessary to do a discharge motion, but if it is and it's the only way we can get a debate on it, then I think that will happen,” minority leader Tim Armstead, a Republican from Kanawha, told West Virginia Public Broadcasting.

Both bills were introduced on January 13, but Democratic Delegate Harold Michael's bill would also forbid recognition of gay couples with civil unions or domestic partnerships, in addition to marriage.

“There are folks on both sides of the aisle that are probably for and against it, but as a sponsor of that legislation, I'd like to see it brought before the whole House so that we can vote it,” Delegate Ricky Moye, a Democrat from Raleigh, said.

Democrats control the West Virginia House with an overwhelming majority, but Democrats are clearly not united against the bill.

On Tuesday, Democrats in Iowa thwarted similar Republican attempts to knock a gay marriage ban bill out of committee and onto the floor of the House and Senate for debate.