Openly lesbian Wisconsin Representative Tammy Baldwin will be hard at work Thursday as she celebrates her 48th birthday.

Baldwin became the first openly gay person elected to the House in 1998. She is also the first female representative elected from Wisconsin.

An avid supporter of gay rights, Baldwin has been at the forefront of securing equal benefits for the spouses of gay federal employees. Her Domestic Partnership Benefits and Obligations Act has already secured the approval of a House committee, as has a companion bill in the Senate.

Baldwin is one of only three openly gay representatives in Congress. The other two are Massachusetts Representative Barney Frank and freshman Representative Jared Polis of Colorado. There are no openly gay senators.

“[Baldwin] will be working in our Madison, Wisconsin office during the day,” Press Secretary Jerilyn Goodman said in an email.

But depending on the weather, Baldwin will either fly back to Washington or enjoy a birthday dinner with her longtime partner in the evening.

Here's hoping for a bit more snow. Happy birthday, Rep. Baldwin!