In the beginning God created Adam and Eve. But Eve was bad, and they were banished from God's garden. God then made Adam and Steve. And they were good. Looking into the garden, Eve wrote the Breeder's Informational Book of Living Examples (BIBLE) so future generations would hate the gays.

That's the start of Adam & Steve: Just the Way God Made 'Em, an off-Broadway musical starring Paul (as Adam) and Eddie (as Steve) in co-directors Casper Andreas' and Fred Caruso's The Big Gay Musical. Yes, the movie is a musical within a musical.

At the start of the film, the stage production of Adam & Steve is in previews and the movie ends as the curtain drops on opening night. In between those hectic days, our homo heroes belt out plenty of show tunes – on and off the stage.

Gay Musical is campy gay music, but Andreas and Caruso save most of the fluff for the stage. More powerful performances are tucked in between the folds of the stage musical. And it's the real lives of the actors that make the movie worth watching.

After heartbreak, Paul (played by Daniel Robinson) decides to give up dating for more immediate pursuits. He announces his change of heart in typical campy fashion: a show tune about being a slut.

“To hell with romance, just drop your pants,” Paul sings as he caresses the microphone at Mostly Sondheim, an amateur program of show tunes he co-hosts at a local piano bar. “You be the grill, baby, I'll be the meat. You don't have to be all that buff or a jock boy. Let's cut to the chase, let's see your cock boy. I want to be a slut.”

Meanwhile, Eddie (played by Joey Dudding) is haunted by the thought of coming out to his Bible-thumping parents. Adam & Steve is his first starring role and his proud parents are on their way to see the sassy musical numbers that include bikini clad, tap dancing gay angels.

The musical stage productions set a new bar for camp. One over-the-top example would be the Foundation Against Gay Society (FAGS) retreat number. It includes a hunky camp counselor dressed in khaki shorts and a tight pink t-shirt singing, “Here at FAGS camp we're on our knees, but it's just to pray. We're gonna learn to be rugged and butch, so when we pray to Jesus we can say: I'm going to go straight … to heaven. I'm never gonna be gay, be gay again.”

But when the pink glitter gloss of Gay Musical is washed away, the film is ultimately a sticky sweet love story.

As Paul cruises Manhunt for action, he dismisses the casual, on the street flirtations of a handsome man. But love catches up to Paul one night as his suitor takes to the piano: “There are forces at work that we don't understand, but they're bringing us closer as if it were planned. If someone wiser knows we would be good together, it's not a place to ask why. And I think we should give it a try.”

As its title suggests, Gay Musical is pretty gay, campy and totally queer-sided. But for the film's target audience, that's something they're sure to cheer.

The Big Gay Musical arrives on DVD April 6.