Small town Deerfield won't participate in an effort to repeal a gay marriage law in New Hampshire.

State Representative David Bates, a Republican from Windham, is behind a grassroots effort to raise the issue of putting a gay marriage ban in the state constitution at town hall meetings this spring. The campaign encourages people to put a non-binding resolution calling for a statewide vote on gay marriage on town ballots.

But on Saturday, Deerfield residents voted down the plan with a 92-28 vote during a deliberative session that lasted just under four hours, the Concord Monitor reported. Residents discussed the proposal for about a half hour before voting. Deerfield, population 4,181, is believed to be the first town to reject the plan.

“It's clearly a statewide, divisive end-around to try to impose individuals' religious and moral views on others,” Deerfield resident Jim Deely said.

“As far as I'm concerned, in Deerfield, it's done,” said Chris Tidwell, pastor at Deerfield Bible Church, who submitted the petition.

Lawmakers approved the law last year after an intense debate. The law took effect on January 1.