A Portland, Maine jury has found a gay activist guilty of manslaughter, CBS News reported.

Malcolm Bruce LaVallee-Davidson, a farmer and avid gun collector, told police he accidentally killed Fred Wilson in the basement of the victim's South Portland home during an April 22, 2009 12-hour-long drug and sex fueled party that included three men.

The third man, James Pombriant, testified that LaVallee-Davidson pulled the trigger of a .44 caliber Rossi revolver pointed at Wilson's head as he participated in a sex act in the victim's basement dungeon.

“I think I killed him,” LaVallee-Davidson said after he shot Wilson in the head, Pombriant testified.

Fifty-year-old LaVallee-Davidson said he did not intend to kill his friend, explaining that he checked to ensure the gun wasn't loaded twice during the night.

Defense lawyers said it's likely Wilson, who pleaded with LaVallee-Davidson to pull the trigger, loaded the gun at some point during the night.

Social conservatives have decried the trial's lack of national media coverage. They contend the left-leaning media has kept quiet on the trial because of LaVallee-Davidson's participation in lobbying for a gay marriage law in Maine.

“Let's pretend that it was a married Christian who got up and made the impassioned plea against same-sex marriage,” Joseph Farah wrote at the conservative website World Net Daily. “It later turned out he had killed a prostitute with whom he was cavorting in a stupor induced by the use of drugs and alcohol. … The three major networks would be covering it along with the cable news shows.”

“That's the double standard we face in trying to figure out what's really going on in our world,” he added.

LaVallee-Davidson faces up to 30 years in prison.