The details behind the holiday shooting death of a gay man in the District of Columbia remain a mystery, gay weekly DC Agenda reported.

Anthony J. Perkins was found shot to death by police responding to “reports of the sound of gunfire” on Sunday, at approximately 5:15AM in the vicinity of 4th Street SE and Oakwood. The twenty-nine-year-old victim was found “seated inside of a car that had steam billowing from its engine compartment.” Medical personnel pronounced Perkins dead on the scene.

Investigators have confirmed that Perkins was gay but refuse to comment on the circumstances behind the shooting.

“We have no idea what the motive is,” Lt. Paul Wingate told the paper.

But Wingate did confirm that he murder was not random: “He was an intended target. It was not a random shooting.”

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call police at 202-727-9099.