A Tuesday announcement on the filling of key administrative posts included President Obama's latest openly gay official, Beatrice Hanson. Hanson, who heads a crime victim assistance organization in New York City, has been nominated to serve as director of the Office of Victims of Crime in the Department of Justice.

Her nomination keeps the Obama administration on track to setting a new record on appointing openly lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender officials.

Denis Dison, vice president of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, a group that promotes openly gay elected officials, told On Top Magazine that the Obama administration is almost certain to shatter the old record, perhaps as soon as next year.

“Obama has appointed about 100 openly LGBT staff to the executive branch in his first year in office,” Dison said in an email. “[President] Clinton appointed about 140 over 8 years.”

“Obama is certainly on track to set a record in this regard,” he added.

Dison's group has been instrumental in helping the administration reach that new high. The group's Presidential Appointments Project set out to identify strong gay candidates to serve in the administration. Hanson was among the hundreds included in the project's talent bank.

“This is the first time the LGBT community launched a coordinated, specific effort to increase the number of LGBT presidential appointees, and it is working,” Dison said.

High-profile Obama appointees include: Department of Labor Senior Advisor Mary Beth Maxwell, White House Specialty Media Director Shin Inouye, Global AIDS Coordinator Ambassador Erik Goosby, Office of Personnel Management Director John Berry, U.S. Export-Import Bank Chairman Fred Hochberg, and Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools Deputy Assistant Secretary Kevin Jennings.

Jennings' appointment remains among the most controversial, drawing calls for his ouster by social conservatives who've called him a “radical homosexual.”