Gay entertainment websites are buzzing over the exclusion of a gay pairing in the trailer of the upcoming feature film Valentine's Day.

The romantic comedy, set for a February 12 nationwide release, pairs five couples as they celebrate Valentine's Day in Los Angeles.

Included in the mix is Bradley Cooper, whose gay character is reportedly in love with a closeted football player, performed by Eric Dane, dreamy Doctor McSteamy from ABC's Grey's Anatomy.

But the movie's trailer released Monday omits the film's inclusion of a gay storyline.

“Is it really impossible to market an ensemble romantic comedy to the masses with a gay couple in it?,” Ed Kennedy wrote at, a website devoted to male gay entertainment. “Could that really be considered a bad marketing move in Hollywood now?”

Kennedy compared the film's marketing to that of A Single Man, whose director, Tom Ford, and star, Colin Firth, have called a “universal” film, not a gay film.

“First, a gay director [Tom Ford] takes a movie about a gay man based on a book by a gay man [Christopher Isherwood] and degays the marketing for that movie, and now this?”