South Florida is getting its second gay newspaper following the November closure of South Florida Blade.

The Miami Herald's GLBT reporter Steve Rothaus is reporting that Norm Kent will launch South Florida Gay in January.

“SFGN will be published and distributed on Mondays, tabloid size, commencing in January of 2010, and over 12,000 copies will be distributed to 300 plus locations in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties,” Kent said in a statement.

Kent, a local criminal defense attorney and radio host, is the original publisher of Express Gay News, which he sold four years later to Window Media, the mini gay publishing empire whose decision to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy last month sealed the fate of six GLBT newspapers, including the Atlanta-based gay weekly Southern Voice, as well as the Houston Voice, David Atlanta, South Florida Blade, Washington Blade and 411 Magazine. After its 2003 purchase of Express Gay News, Window Media executives renamed the publication the South Florida Blade.

Both in Washington and South Florida, former employees regrouped to keep local gay news flowing. The former staff of the Washington Blade churned out its first edition of the DC Agenda less than a week after news broke of the paper's demise. And Mark's List publisher Mark Haines quickly hired many former South Florida Blade employees to begin the Florida Agenda.

But Publisher Mark Haines told the Miami Herald that he did not believe two gay papers could survive in South Florida.