Argentina's top court on Tuesday announced it would decide on a controversial gay marriage ruling that has halted Latin America's first same-sex wedding from taking place, the Buenos Aires Herald reported.

Supreme Court Justice Carlos Fayt said the court would take up the issue.

The marriage of Alejandro Freyre, 39, and Jose Maria Di Bello, 41, was scheduled to take place on Tuesday after Judge Gabriela Seijas ruled the government's ban on gay marriage unconstitutional on November 20. Her order only affects the progressive city of Buenos Aires, where gay couples won the right to enter civil unions in 2002. City officials said they would not appeal the court's decision, opening the door to gay marriage for the first time in Latin America.

But at the last minute, a national judge, Marta Alsina, ordered a halt to the ceremony, saying Seijas had no power to overturn the nation's ban on gay marriage. Who petitioned the court to intervene remains unclear.

The two men, who are both HIV-positive, wanted to marry on December 1 to mark World AIDS Day. The coupled has vowed to lead a protest if they are denied the right to marry.

Lawmakers in the Argentine Congress are currently debating a gay marriage bill. If approved, Argentina would become the first Latin American country to legalize gay marriage and only the second country in the Americas, after Canada.

The Roman Catholic Church is adamantly opposed to legal recognition of gay unions.

Justice Fayt told reporters that the country's Supreme Court “will rule on the issue.”