Conservative blogger and radio host Doug Lambert has been fired after calling openly gay New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley a “faggot.”

Lambert made his comments Saturday at the conclusion of his radio show Meet the New Press. He said, “Speaking of gays, Happy Birthday Ray Buckley,” into a live Internet camera after the show went off the air. Lambert then did a dance and continued, “Yeah, you faggot. That's right I said it, and I meant it. You are reprobate. How the people, the Democrats – I think of some of the gray-haired ladies and older people from the old party – would stand behind you is beyond me. You are a disgrace to yourself, to humanity, to mankind and to your party.”

“Other than that, Happy Birthday Ray and many more – not,” he added.

James Pindell of was first to report on the video, which has since been removed.

In a Saturday post at the blog, Lambert issued a backhanded apology. “Being human, and an honest person that is used to freely speaking my mind, my passion got the best of me. … I would like to apologize to Ray Buckley and those whom I may have offended for my unfortunate remarks … I care deeply about my family, my state and my country. My sole reason for having this show is to shed light on just how quickly our country is being led down the wrong path.”

On Sunday, Nassau Broadcasting, owner of WEMJ 1490 AM which hosted Meet the New Press, announced it was terminating the show immediately.

Lambert has also lost an unpaid newspaper column in the Laconia Daily Sun. And resigned Monday from Manchester Mayor Frank Guinta's congressional campaign.

In a Monday post, Lambert said he accepted the consequences of his actions.

“I believe that these are the proper and appropriate consequences, and I apologize to the good people at the paper and the radio station who have been wonderful to me over the years and were completely undeserving of the grief my actions have caused them,” he said.