Following on the heels of a raid on a gay bar that left one man hospitalized, Fort Worth lawmakers are considering an expansion of gay rights, the Star-Telegram reported.

Lawmakers are considering four proposals, including extending benefits to the spouses of gay city employees.

Also being considered are ordinances that would consider a company's record on gay rights when approving tax breaks and adding gender reassignment surgery to the city's health insurance plan.

Conservatives are urging people to rally against the measures when lawmakers meet next Tuesday. A transgender protections bill that would outlaw discrimination based on gender identity is expected to be voted on at Tuesday's City Council meeting.

A posting on the Tarrant County Republican Party website suggests providing such benefits would be illegal. “Providing these benefits will not only [be] costly but it may also violate the state law that voters enacted overwhelmingly in 2005,” the group said, referring to Texas' gay marriage ban.

“The key is going to be how they're defining it: What is this class of people and is it a counterfeit marriage?” Kelly Shackelford, chairwoman of the group, told the paper.

The measures come after a June raid on the Rainbow Lounge, a gay bar. Police stormed the bar with paddy wagons in tow and arrested six people for public intoxication. Patrons say excessive force was used during the bar check. Two men were treated for serious injuries. A recently released police report on the use of force cleared officers of wrongdoing and renewed calls by gay activists for an independent investigation.