All-gay cabler Logo will broadcast The New Twenty Thursday, October 29.

The broadcast is part of Logo's impressive third Fall Film Festival, which kicked off on October 18 with the U.S. broadcast premiere of An Englishman In New York.

Twenty is the greatly overlooked film by writer-director Chris Mason Johnson.

The movie looks at the friendships of six New Yorkers. The group of hip twenty-somethings (about to turn a new decade) includes gay and straight members unencumbered by sexual stereotypes, living in a post urban setting where sexual diversity is embraced. But it's not paradise for the group, whose friendships are about to be tested.

“The fact is, gay/straight friendships – minus the drama – are more and more common for young adults especially the urban and educated,” Johnson says in the movie's press kit. “The casual attitude towards gay/straight bonding for characters like those in The New Twenty might be summed up as: What's the big deal?”

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