Toronto police are not treating the murder of openly gay Christopher Skinner as a hate crime, but friends have yet to rule out the possibility as the manhunt for Skinner's killer continues.

The twenty-seven-year-old college student was killed during an altercation Sunday after his assaulters ran him over with a black-colored SUV. The men attacked Skinner as he walked home alone along Adelaide Street. They knocked him to the ground, then returned to the vehicle and the driver ran him over. He was rushed to the hospital, but died while in surgery. Police believe as many 4 men were involved in the crime.

Police on Thursday released a 3-second video that shows the black-colored SUV in question – four doors, light interior, high-intensity headlights – heading eastbound on Adelaide Street around 3AM.

And a description of the driver was released by investigators during a news conference. The man is described by officials as under 30, light skinned and wearing a short “military style” haircut. Eyewitnesses say the driver was wearing a tight black-colored tank top.

Friends say Skinner was not one to create trouble and continue to believe he might have been attacked because of his sexual orientation. “I find that Toronto police very rarely jump to the conclusion that homophobia exists,” long-time friend Craig Lund told gay weekly

Skinner and Ryan Cooke were engaged to be married next summer. About seven hours after Skinner's death, Cooke was desperate to find his boyfriend. “HEY … does anyone know where Chris is?” he wrote on his Facebook page.

Cooke and Skinner's parents attended a memorial service for the hit-and-run victim on Tuesday, but opted not to speak.

A candlelight vigil is now planned for Sunday, October 25 at the corner of Church & Wellesley Street at 8PM.