The Danish film Brotherhood has won the top prize at the Rome Film Festival, Variety reported.

Lars joins a neo-Nazi anti-gay group despite (or perhaps because of) his own attractions to men after leaving the Army. The group carries out attacks against mostly gay men. Tensions escalate when Lars and Jimmy, his mentor, begin a secret love affair.

The film is the freshman effort of former fashion photographer Nicolo Donato, 35, who premiered the feature in Rome. The director's short film Togetherness screened at Cannes in 2006.

Donato's film is gritty and real; anti-gay sentiment in Europe is on the rise.

In the final frame of the film's trailer, the two men appear in the back seat of a car as the leader of the neo-Nazi group drives. Jimmy asks, “Where are we going?” In an austere voice, the leader answers, “I told you, it's a surprise.”

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