An Internet poll conducted by U.S. News & World Report finds that people polled believe that President Obama secretly supports gay marriage despite statements to the contrary.

The unscientific poll asks readers: “President Obama says he doesn't support same-sex marriage, but some of his supporters and opponents suspect otherwise. What do you think?”

A large majority (72%) said they believe Obama secretly supports gay marriage.

The poll's distinctively religious audience, however, make its results a bit suspect. It is hosted by Dan Gilgoff at the magazine's God & Country blog. The poll's phrasing “opponents suspect otherwise” could lead readers to answer yes because they sense Obama is being disingenuous and politically coy, not necessarily that he is a gay rights champion.

One commenter, Shaun, said: “Even if he does something actively to support gay rights, doesn't mean that he is in support per se. He may pass bills and laws, remove old ones, but that does not mean he supports gay rights, but rather proves that he is doing stuff to keep the LGBT community happy.”

Another, Muser, a self-identified straight, Christian man, said Obama would be “fine” with gay marriage and would “love to pack the Supreme Court in eight years with justices who would eventually overturn the state bans as unconstitutional.”

“And, that's also the RIGHT way to get it,” he added.