The anti-gay marriage campaign Stand for Marriage Maine has called an opinion by the state's attorney general that a gay marriage law would not force schools to teach about being gay a “shameless political ploy.”

Attorney General Janet Mills released a statement Thursday dismissing the claims of proponents of Question 1. If adopted on November 3, the referendum would repeal the state's gay marriage law approved by lawmakers in the spring.

“When they study the facts, Mainers will see right through Ms. Mills' opinion for what it is: a shameless political ploy by supporters of homosexual marriage,” Marc Mutty, chairman of Stand for Marriage Maine, said in a statement released Friday.

In her statement, Mills plainly says the law will not require gay marriage being taught in schools.

“Whatever the benefits and burdens of the civil institution of marriage, the state's definition of marriage has no bearing on the curricula in our public schools, either under current law or under LD 1020 [the gay marriage law],” Mills wrote in her response to Education Commissioner Susan Gendron, who had requested the legal analysis.

Mills adds that existing Maine law would protect persons from instruction that interfered with their religious beliefs.

“[P]arents with religious beliefs which prohibit dancing might seek accommodation for their child regarding physical education classes that involved dancing,” she says.

Mutty, however, disagreed.

“Yes on Question 1 has shown – and our opponents have been forced to acknowledge – that existing curricula ALREADY create an opportunity for teaching about same-sex relationships under the guise of 'safe schools' instruction. We know, for example, that the Portland schools already show films on gay relationships. What is to stop them from showing films about homosexual marriage if it becomes legal.”

"We have demonstrated how it could be taught in schools, and that it HAS been taught in other states that have legalized gay marriage. It's a shame that Maine's top lawyer is using her good office for such a transparent political stunt,” he added.