A team of mostly Muslim soccer players has been permanently banned from a local Paris league after refusing to play a rival team of gay players, the AFP reported.

“The Creteil Bebel team is excluded from the Leisure Football Commission for refusing a match and [making] discriminatory comments,” the commission said in a statement Wednesday.

In an October 3 email, Creteil Bebel withdrew from a match against fellow rival Paris Foot Gay (PFG).

“Sorry, but because of the name of your team and in keeping with the principles of the team, which is a team of practicing Muslims, we cannot play against you,” the email said.

“Our convictions are stronger than a game of football.”

The team rejected claims they were homophobic, saying there had been a “misunderstanding,” but refused a second invitation to play against PFG.

“It's a permanent exclusion, they will never be reinstated,” league president Jacques Stouvenel said.