The fight to keep a gay protections law in Kalamazoo, Michigan has taken to the airways. One Kalamazoo, the gay rights group supporting the measure, unveiled its first ad Wednesday.

The 30-second spot titled Neighbors leaves the measure's controversy at the door, focusing instead on the virtues of the ordinance.

City leaders approved the measure that makes it illegal to discriminate based on sexual orientation and gender identity (transgender protections) twice before opponents forced them to put the measure up for a vote.

The group Kalamazoo Citizens Voting No to Special Rights has vociferously opposed the legislation, calling it an attempt to discriminate against religious groups despite the law's exemptions for churches.

Officials put the measure up for a vote after the group submitted 2,088 signatures against the ordinance – 60% more than the 1,273 valid voter signatures needed to qualify for the ballot box.

The campaign to approve the ordinance is leaving the gay out of its message. A heterosexual family is featured on the One Kalamazoo website. And Neighbors only hints that the measure bans discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

“Admit it, Kalamazoo is special,” a female announcer says in the ad. “A great place to raise a family.”

“On November 3, a yes vote on nondiscrimination ordinance 1856 will help guarantee that all Kalamazoo families are treated fairly and equally by adding basic protections for people who are gay or transgender and reaffirming equality and fairness for all,” she says.

“Vote November 3: yes on 1856,” she adds as the final frame features a heterosexual family with two babies.