Logo, the MTV-owned all-gay cable network, is preparing to unleash an impressive lineup of GLBT films during its third Fall Film Festival.

Logo has cherry-picked this year's gay and lesbian film festival circuit to bring some outstanding filmmaking to the small screen. Complete films will also be available for viewing at the network's website.

The festival kicks off Sunday, October 18 at 10PM with the U.S. broadcast premiere of An Englishman In New York.

Fans of all things Quentin Crisp will surely relish Englishman. The film focuses on the gay writer's ascension into New York society, where he was lauded for his flamboyance. It is a follow-up to the British television movie The Naked Civil Servant. In that 1975 film John Hurt played the younger Crisp, a role he reprises here. The movie also stars Sex In The City star Cynthia Nixon. The openly lesbian actress plays the role of Penny Arcade, a close friend of Crisp in his later years.

Also included in the lineup is the greatly overlooked The New Twenty by writer-director Chris Mason Johnson.

Twenty looks at the friendships of six New Yorkers. The group of hip twenty-somethings includes gay and straight members unencumbered by sexual stereotypes, living in a post gay urban setting where sexual diversity is embraced.

“The fact is, gay/straight friendships – minus the drama – are more and more common for young adults especially the urban and educated,” Johnson says in the movie's press kit. “The casual attitude towards gay/straight bonding for characters like those in The New Twenty might be summed up as: What's the big deal?”

Director Robert Cary's ex-gay drama Save Me is a sobering look at the culture war that continues to brew between evangelical Christians in the ex-gay movement and the gay men and women they seek to “cure.” Save Me is must-watch filmmaking.

The film stars two of Hollywood's most talented openly gay stars, Chad Allen (Donald Strachey Mysteries) and Robert Gant (Queer As Folk).

Also being screened is the quirky British import Mr. Right. The romantic comedy looks at the lives of six gay men living in London's gay neighborhood of Soho. The film is a refreshingly contemporary look at the lives of gay men that spares us the worn cliches.

For more movies included this fall on Logo's Fall Film Festival visit LogoOnline.com.

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