Supporters of a gay-inclusive domestic partnership law in Washington State say they will now focus on campaigning for the law instead of appealing a failed effort to block a vote on the law.

On Tuesday, the gay rights group Washington Families Standing Together lost its legal challenge against placing Referendum 71 – the “everything but marriage law” – on the November ballot. The group had argued that Secretary of State Sam Reed had accepted thousands of invalid signatures.

It was the second defeat for the group, which was also denied a motion last week in King County Superior Count on a technicality.

Chairwoman Anne Levinson said Wednesday that the group will now dedicate itself to passing the legislation.

“WAFST must concentrate its energies towards preserving the domestic partnership law enacted by the Legislature and signed into law by the governor, without the distraction of an ongoing legal debate …,” Levinson said in a statement.

If passed, Referendum 71 would extend a 2007 domestic partnership law for a second time, granting gay and lesbian couples all the remaining state-provided rights, benefits and responsibilities of marriage.