Broadway hunk Nicholas Rodriguez's One Life to Live character is preparing to lead some gay activism in Llandview.

Officer Fish (played by Scott Evans) and Kyle Lewis (played by Brett Claywell) recently rekindled a steamy college affair on the daytime soap. But Nick Chavez (played by Rodriguez) has come along to stir the pot.

The gay love triangle between the three men is a first on network television.

And there are possibly more firsts in store for the ABC soap. Rodriguez, who was last seen swinging from the rafters as Tarzan in the stage version of Tarzan, recently revealed that his character will bring gay activism to Llanview.

“My character is a leader for the Llanview Gay and Lesbian Alliance,” Rodriguez told gay entertainment website

Rodriguez also called positive portrayals of gay men and lesbians on television a form of activism.

“If we can put [honest gay relationships] in American homes, people who may not know another gay person, people that live outside of New York and California, if they can like us as real people, then we're really making a difference, especially with some of the stuff that's coming up,” he said.

Both Rodriguez and his romantic rival on the soap, Scott Evans, are openly gay.

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