Gay vampires return for a third run on gay cabler here! TV Friday.

In season 1 of the The Lair we found out who was responsible for a string of John Doe murders ace reporter Thom (played by David Moretti) was covering: gay vampires holed up in the underground sex club The Lair.

Thom soon finds out that the vampires are as hot as they are dangerous, and by the end of season 2 he's been drawn into their dungeon of lust after being won over by ringleader Damian (played by Peter Stickles).

At the end of season 2, Damian has regained control of The Lair after slaying his mortal enemy, evil vampire Colin (played by Dylan Vox).

There's unrest in town as well, where Sheriff Trout (played by former porn star Colton Ford) has his hands full investigating the mysterious deaths, taking in a werewolf, and stumbling over the Lumina orchid, a mysterious moon-loving plant with its own terrifying plot.

The Lair is the creation of veteran gore filmmaker Fred Olen Ray, who has more than 100 screamers under his belt.

Season 3 opens with Colin dead and Thom sentenced to life in The Lair, leaving fans wondering what's left to explore on the tiny island where the undead thrive?

In fact, the power struggle for The Lair is far from over, Thom remains conflicted between his humanity and his love for Damian, and new cast members – including Grindhouse blond beauty Sybil Danning – breathe new blood (pun intended) into the story.

The Lair returns to gay cable channel here! TV on Friday, September 4.

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