A six-member jury has found a man charged with soliciting for gay sex in an Anderson, South Carolina park not guilty, NBC affiliate WYFF reported.

Gary Burgess was found not guilty of soliciting for immoral purposes.

Defense attorney Fletcher Smith came close to calling the arrest police harassment: “Basically, the jury has spoken and said that you cannot have a law in your city that targets any specific group of people.”

Burgess, who ministers at the Universal Body of Christ Church and is a former superintendent of Anderson School District 4, was arrested on April 29 in Darwin Wright Park, the 27 acre park that includes a nine hole disc golf course and a swimming beach on the shores of Lake Hartwell.

Officer L.B. Culbertson testified that Burgess rubbed his leg as the men spoke and lifted his shorts, exposing the head of his penis. Burgess asked if the officer “liked oral” and whether he was “good at it,” then suggested the officer join him in his van, Culbertson said.

Smith argued that none of the events that occurred were illegal.

“Is it illegal to rub your leg? Is it illegal for two men to have a conversation about sexual activity?” Smith asked the jury, which consisted of five women and one man.

Burgess, 51, testified he was in the park to eat his lunch, something he did often. He said the officer initiated the conversation and when it turned sexual he attempted to leave.

“I got up to move away. As I was standing there, he flashed some kind of credentials, then he grabbed my left hand,” Burgess said. “He turned me around, handcuffed me and pushed me up against a tree. From that point, he began to frisk me.”

Smith told jurors that Burgess admits to being at the park in April, having a sexual conversation with the officer and to being aroused by the incident. Still, he suggested the claim that Burgess flashed his penis was manufactured.

“When they did their incident report during the arrest, they had nothing of the illegal language – no mention of an exposed penis in the report. We will prove that they charge you in this community and make their stories up later,” he told the jury.

Burgess, who attended the one day trial with his wife Mary at his side, was set free after jurors deliberated for under 25 minutes.