Fort Worth Police Chief Jeff Halstead apologized Tuesday for a raid on a gay bar in June that left one man seriously injured and sparked a loud outcry from the city's gay and lesbian community.

Halstead told the City Council that he understood why people perceive a bar inspection on the Rainbow Lounge as a raid.

“I am apologizing for the actions and the reflection that this gave our community because they perceived it as a bar raid … and that was not our intent,” Halstead said of the June 28 inspection that paired agents from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) and officers from the Fort Worth Police Department.

Halstead's apology stands in stark contrast from his initial icy comment of “take a deep breath,” and release of a police report that said officers faced sexually aggressive patrons. A claim eye-witnesses deny.

Last month's police report alleged that patrons blew kisses, groped agents and simulated sex acts with police officers as they carried out their inspection.

According to the report, men and women “were reaching their hands out to touch officers, and moving their bodies in a sexually suggestive manner” as officers and agents inspected the club.

Chief Halstead made no such assertions Tuesday. Instead, he said that no policies were violated by officers only because the department's bar inspection policy was void of specific guidelines. A three tiered inspection policy will be in place by Sept. 1, he said.

“Once the policy is complete, we're not going to come here again,” he said, then added: “We are recovering from this, and I'm very proud of that.”

Officers involved in the raid have been desked. A final report due next month will determine if police officers will face disciplinary actions.

A TABC report released in early August said the two agents and one sergeant involved in the raid violated procedures, including failing to get approval for the inspection, failing to report that Chad Gibson was injured while in the agency's custody, and failing to report that force was used to arrest Gibson.

Eye-witnesses say Gibson was injured inside the club when TABC agents and/or police officers slammed his head against a wall. The police report differs, saying Gibson injured himself outside of the club when he fell and hit his head. A TABC report on how Gibson sustained his injuries is expected later this month. Gibson, who was hospitalized with a head injury, says he has no recollection of the incident.