Following on the heels of a softened DOMA defense, Obama's Department of Justice will hire a liaison to the gay and lesbian community, POLITICO reported late Monday.

Tobias Wolff, a University of Pennsylvania professor who headed Obama's LGBT Steering and Policy Committee during the campaign, announced the hire in an email.

Wolff said Matt Nosanchuk would join the department as a senior counselor to acting Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Loretta King.

As a top official in Obama's LGBT Steering and Policy Committee, Nosanchuk was a staunch Obama supporter. He also served as a former adviser to Senator Bill Nelson, a Democrat from Florida.

Wolff said Nosanchuk “will be the front office point person on LGBT issues for the DOJ Civil Rights division” among other duties.

The appointment is another nod to the gay and lesbian community which felt snubbed during the administration's first six months.