Two Texas alcohol agents violated procedures during a raid on a gay bar in Fort Worth, gay weekly Dallas Voice reported.

The June 28 inspection on the Rainbow Lounge that sent one man, Chad Gibson, to the hospital with a severe head injury has turned into a rallying cry for the gay and lesbian community in Dallas/Fort Worth.

The inspection paired agents from the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) and officers from the Fort Worth Police Department. A TABC report released Thursday says two agents and one sergeant acted improperly.

The most damaging findings in the 32-page report include: Agents Christopher Aller and Jason Chapman failed to get approval for the inspection, failed to report that Gibson was injured while in the agency's custody, and failed to report that force was used in his arrest.

The agents' supervisor, Sergeant Terry Parsons, failed to properly oversee the agents, the report said.

The two agents have been desked, while Parsons, who was not present during the raid, has taken an early retirement. Disciplinary actions are pending.

“When you look at the whole totality of that particular night, nothing went right, nothing went right for anybody,” TABC Administrator Alan Steen told the paper. “We can't go back and fix it, but we can move forward and make sure that all of us learn lessons and do a better job.”

A second use of force report is expect to be released by the end of the month. The report is expected to reconcile conflicting accounts on how Gibson sustained his injuries. Eye-witnesses allege Gibson was injured inside the club when TABC agents and/or police officers slammed his head against a wall. But a report issued by the police department says Gibson injured himself outside of the club when he fell and hit his head.

The police report suggests that the inspection turned violent because patrons were sexually aggressive towards officials, allegations patrons have denied. Gibson says he has no recollection of being arrested or of sexually groping an agent, as alleged in the police report.

The incident has drawn loud protests from the gay and lesbian community, which has called the raid “police harassment.” Six people were arrested for public intoxication during the inspection.