The user who posted an angry, anti-gay Facebook page in the wake of a deadly attack in Tel Aviv, Israel apologized after his page was hacked and turned into a pro-gay forum, the Jewish Daily Forward reported.

The group I Also Hate Gays had amassed about 150 members when a user hacked in on Wednesday and turned the anti-gay group pro-gay.

I Also Hate Gays was the first of several groups that spawned on Facebook in the aftermath of Saturday's shooting at a Tel Aviv gay club that left two dead and eleven wounded, four seriously.

The group advocated against gay rights, calling for people to join, “If you also want to kill every gay person that you hear about, if you also don't care about what happened on Saturday night, then join this group, and maybe together we'll manage to shut up the gays in this country [Israel].”

The hacker turned the message around, altering the title to I Also Love Gays, posting racy photos of muscular men, and uploading a memorial video for Nir Katz, the twenty-six-year-old gay center counselor who died in the attack.

The hacker's calling card said “This is fate … you idiots, you deserved me hacking into here.”

The I Also Hate Gays Facebook founder quickly apologized after being hacked, saying he started the group “in a moment of stupidity.”