Charges against the gay couple cuffed, detained and cited for trespassing over a kiss have been dropped, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

Security guards for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons) cuffed and detained Matt Aune, 28, and his partner Derek Jones, 25, on June 9, a Thursday, as they walked across the Main Street Plaza, a walkway that connects the Mormon Temple to other church sites that belong to the church in Salt Lake City, Utah. Police responding to the incident cited the couple for trespassing.

While church officials say “there was much more involved than a simple kiss on the cheek,” responding officers were told that security guards observed the men “kissing and hugging” on church property.

In a statement released after the police report, church officials alleged the men were “engaged in passionate kissing, groping, profane and lewd language, and had obviously been using alcohol.”

Salt Lake City Prosecutor Sim Gill announced the charges had been dropped in a statement released Wednesday.

Gill said the charges were being dropped because there “continues to be a mistaken belief by many visitors that there is a public right of way” on the Main Street Plaza.

“There is conflicting notice to those who walk onto and through this corridor that they do so with permission and exclusive pleasure of the property owner,” Gill said. “There is no personal right to be there and no necessity for the property owner to explain if and why the property owner wishes to eject a visitor.”

Still, Gill sided with the couple, saying there was no criminal intent to commit trespassing, and blamed the scuffle on the church for not clearly communicating with the public.

“There were no signs clearly indicating the 'at will' capacity to eject – for any reason – persons who entered this private property. Under this statute when the property is 'open to the public' Utah law provides that even if there is a violation of the statute, there is still the affirmative defense for the defendant that such conduct did not 'substantially interfere' with the owner's use of the property.”

The incident has renewed a heated debate on anti-gay discrimination by the Mormon Church. Demonstrators both gay and straight held two “kiss ins” near church property to protest the incident.